Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why do I need my own website?

    A:  A website provides a focused, dedicated web presence for you to share your vacation home with your trusted network of family, friends, past guests and referrals. It allows your visitors to focus on the features of your rental property, while also providing them the confidence that they are working directly with you, the homeowner, to access information and book their vacation.

    You can increase your revenues with a highly personalized and easily updateable website that showcases your property well, connects with your listings, and helps you reach and expand your social network of potential guests.

  • Q: Can I add content or personalize my website?

    A: Yes! You may augment your listing content with additional photos, videos or text to highlight certain property features, destination activities and events, or any other information which a prospective guest may find useful to book your property. Furthermore, MyVacayHome offers numerous design options, allows you to choose background images to best showcase your property and lets you personalize your URL (e.g. “”) or use your own domain name.

  • Q: How is my website different from my listing?

    A: Your,, and other listings are a great way to capture revenue from travelers shopping among a wide variety of different vacation rental properties or destinations. Listing sites effectively leverage search engine optimization and other marketing programs to drive aggregate web traffic to vacation rentals on the listing site – competing with other accommodation options (like hotels). Your website enables you to capture revenue directly from listing traffic, your own trusted network, and your other marketing efforts.

  • Q: Will my website appear in search engine results? (Or, how effective will the SEO (search engine optimization) be on my website)?

    A:  Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing prioritize unique and fresh content so it is important to periodically add or modify the content on your website to improve your opportunity to appear in search results.

    Natural search results placement cannot be guaranteed through search engine optimization. Your website has a slim chance in showing up high in rankings for searches such as “Orlando Vacation Accommodations” because all the top branded hotels and resorts compete for these terms. If you have a listing on a major site such as HomeAway or VRBO, they are most likely to rank higher for these terms to drive traffic to your listing.

  • Q: What do I get for $19/month?

    A: Your MyVacayHome website includes:

    • Listing integration with your property on, or– any updates to your listing content or availability calendar are automatically synced to your website.
    • Multiple designs with personalization options
    • Mobile and touch friendly support
    • Reporting dashboard to track inquiries
    • “ShareThis” integration for you and your visitors to easily share your website through email and social media
    • Easy to use management tools to add text, photos, videos and and link to your social media channels 
    • Unique subdomain URL or support for your own domain
    • Customer support via telephone, email or online chat
    • Tips and suggestions on how to use your website to increase revenue
  • Q: Can I offer online booking?

    A:  MyVacayHome currently generates email inquiries.  If you use HomeAway’s Reservation Manager, you can use it to complete credit card transactions for your MyVacayHome inquiries.   We plan to provide online booking soon; please contact us if you are interested in offering this capability.

  • Q: What is your cancellation policy if I decide I do not want the website? Do you give refunds?

    A: We offer a two-week trial for you to decide if a MyVacayHome website is right for you. You can cancel anytime during the trial period. If you choose to keep the website and do not cancel, you are charged based on the period you selected (prepaid monthly or prepaid yearly), and your website is active for the paid period.

  • Q: I have more than one vacation home! Can I put multiple listings on one website? Or, can I purchase multiple websites (for a discount)?

    A: Currently MyVacayHome only offers single-property websites. If you own or manage many homes and are looking for a multi-property website or a discount on multiple single-property websites, please call us at 855-499-4662, or consider our website solutions for professionals:

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