Whether you are using the major vacation rental listing sites or not, steering clear of these common marketing blunders can help you drive more traffic to your website and capture more rental revenue.   #2 is especially important for your website; fresh and relevant content is increasingly vital for search engine optimization.

1) Clichés

Browse your listing and if you find the words "beautiful," "stunning," "amazing," "incredible"…etc. in your text, slash them immediately and focus on being unique, not generic.

2) Set it and forget it

Too many owners and managers sign up for a listing site, fill out their profile (photos, description, prices) and then never touch it again. Oppositely, the best performers are checking back and updating frequently. 

3) Clump your text

One or two or three hefty paragraphs descriptions can be daunting to the traveler and thus discourage them from reading your every word. Instead, utilize The Goldfish Trick for optimal content consumption.

4) Skip the author's bio

The best performers in the world use the bio box to tell their story, to connect with the traveler, and to set themselves apart.

5) Don't upgrade because "it's too expensive"

In the world of marketing (across various industries), the return on investment (ROI) of listing sites is disproportionately high. So if you’re using these sites, you’re best off selecting the best, most expensive package you can buy. This goes for the promotion and maintenance of your personal website, too.  

6) Forget to track

Without tracking (it can be something as simple as an Excel document) there’s practically no way to improve. Test different strategies, track what’s working, double down on your most effective practices and delete any activity that’s not optimal. This will put you miles ahead of your local competition.

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Us, too.

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While you're there, take a couple minutes to turn your HomeAway listing into your own webstore.  Then try it out free for two weeks.  Use your new webstore to expand your reach through your social network and to leverage your current marketing efforts. Provide a focused, dedicated web presence to share your vacation home with your trusted network of family, friends, past guests and referrals.  Your webstore allows your visitors to focus on the features of your rental property, while also providing them the confidence that they are working directly with you, the homeowner, to access information and book their vacation.  If you like it (or make some money), keep it for $19 a month or $199 a year ($17/month).  Just think, one rental could cover the cost of your webstore for over a year.

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Vacation Storebuilder Announces Partnership Expansion with HomeAway

HomeAway.com, VRBO.com and VacationRentals.com customers can now have their own website in seconds.


Vacation Storebuilder, a digital marketing and website solutions provider specializing in the vacation property rental industry, has expanded its existing partnership with HomeAway, Inc. to include its new MyVacayHome solution (http://www.MyVacayHome.com). HomeAway®, the world's leading online marketplace for vacation rentals and Vacation Storebuilder which have previously partnered to offer ecommerce websites to property management companies, are now offering individual MyVacayHome websites to vacation homeowners who have listings on HomeAway sites- HomeAway.com®, VRBO.com (sm) and VacationRentals.com (sm)

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MyVacayHome Digital Marketing Solutions Uniquely Qualified to Serve Individual Vacation Rental Homeowners

Vacation Storebuilder Expands its Services to Address Growing Need.

Vacation Storebuilder announced that it is expanding its website and digital marketing services to include solutions tailor-made for the individual vacation rental property owner.

vacation storebuilder logo“The growing market of property owners who now place a high value on a uniquely branded website or webstore is rapidly expanding. With the introduction of MyVacayHome, http://www.myvacayhome.com, a vacation homeowner now has access to the same superior technology previously reserved for large management companies, so showcasing a vacation rental property has never been easier,” said Sunil Aluvila, President and CEO at Vacation Storebuilder.

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